Envosys maintains high standards of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS).

We are maintaining responsibility towards the Environment by minimizing pollutant & effluent discharge levels by doing our best to control and maintain all the pollutant elements below the approved international and local limits such as Air Emissions, Energy Conservation, Wastewater, Water Conservation, Hazardous Materials Management, Waste Management, Noise, Contaminated Land and Remediation, releases to water, releases to land, use of raw materials and natural resources, energy emitted, heat/vibration etc.

In order to achieve operational safety standards with active participation of our employees, ENVOSYS shall incorporate:

  • Create an environment of safety consciousness amongst the people. Provide safe work places and maintain requisite standards.
  • Identify and eliminate risks in operations, storage, use and transportation of our raw materials and products.
  • Train and develop people involved with operations and handling.
  • Ensure compliance with the rules, procedures and guidelines as a condition of employment to meet safety objectives.
  • Monitor and audit all our operations and take necessary corrective actions enabling us to reach a higher level of safety standard.
  • We are aiming to reach an incident free workplace.

Please click here for our safety policy in detail.